MultiGlaze courtyard

The thermal properties of MultiGlaze multiwall polycarbonate. This courtyard maintains natural light whilst providing 99% protection from harmful UV rays and heat reduction.

Dome Pergolas with MultiGlaze

The MultiGlaze standing connecting seam is visible on this top view of a curved dome pergola.

Gable MultiGlaze Awning

Cool Pearl MultiGlaze gable patio awning

Courtyard Cover featuring a MultiGlaze Dome

Cool Riverstone dome for courtyard covering. Attached on three sides with roof extension brackets.


Twin Wall Infills with MultiGlaze roof sheets

Twin wall infill to the gable pergolas truss, with MultiGlaze roof sheets.

Gable Pergola with MultiGlaze roof sheets

Cool Riverstone MultiGlaze multiple layered polycarbonate. Purlins are spaced to accommodate the sheets span. Joins are visible at 600mm spaces.

MultiGlaze Crested Dome Pergola

MultiGlaze curves beautifully for dome shaped designs. This dome features a crest design with Cool Graphie MultiGlaze sheets and Cool Riverstone sheets on the sides.


MultiGlaze Gable

Cool Riverstone MultiGlaze multiwall roof sheets on a gable pergola design.